Always dream to travel ? but ever you try in different way ?Hi, I’m Vladi 25 years old..after my degree I found a nice job but realized that the life taking me to the path of one way.

I quitted my job at the last year and begin to Photopack(Photography + Backpack) .. Brings my thoughts with the pictures I took during the journey

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#1 Enjoy for time with yourself(Vina del mar,Chile)

This picture was taken spontaneously without any advance preparation

#2 Do not be afraid of the unknown…(El chalten,Argentina)

Taken from the bus window .. an amazing sight that you can not see everywhere

#3 and sometimes you will surprise (humahuaca ,Argentina)

I have a rule that I am not looking for images online before, so be surprised when I get there.
It was really an amazing sight

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#4 Understand what you love and follow it (Nemocon,Colombia)

Only 2 hours from Bogota in a little village called Nemocon there exists an amazing salt mine. It is very big and more like a village with its own roads , history and street art.
One of the beautiful things is a 1.8 tonne heart sculpture entirely made of salt.

#5 Find the light (Jerusalem ,israel)

Photographed during the “holy fire” Event at Church of the Holy Sepulchre  

#6 Fulfill your dream(Quito,Ecuador)

An amazing view of Quito
And a guy who had to jump several times to catch this frame with a camera

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#7 Find someone to share your story with(Cuenca,Ecuador )

Inside the market place
saw this amazing puppy :)

#8 And maybe you’ll get to share a story with him/her (Paris,France)

sadly it not me :'(