Recently we brought you the incredible story of Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, two seniors from Ohio Kent State University who, despite talking to each other on Tinder for the last three years, have never actually met. Their story went viral after Josh shared screenshots of their conversation on Twitter, and eventually even Tinder itself got involved, offering to send them both to Maui for their very first date together. Well now the pair have finally met, not over an intimate drink or a candlelit dinner, but on Good Morning America in front of an audience of millions!

“This is a dream come true,’ said Josh after meeting Michelle for the very first time. “I can’t believe I’m seeing her right now.” Arendas felt the same, adding that the whole experience “has been unreal.” They both seemed to get along great on the show, so let’s just hope their chemistry continues on their upcoming trip to Hawaii. The world is watching guys! No pressure or anything.

This is Michelle Arendas

Image credits: mch_rnd

And this is Josh Avsec

Image credits: Wes_03

They’ve been talking on Tinder for three years but they’ve never actually met

Their story went viral after Josh tweeted pictures of their conversation

Now, after all this time, the two of them have finally come face to face

On Good Morning America in front of millions of people!

Image credits: GMA

Watch their adorable introduction in the video below:

Their encounter melted hearts all over the internet