Snoopy was born in Giza, Egypt as the only white dog in a litter of black puppies. Though his markings make him unique in our eyes, his differences caused him to be subjected to a terrible assault by a group of children who cut off his tail in the hopes that it would make him smarter.

He escaped death thanks to kind heroes from the Touch of Life Organization in Egypt, who rescue cats and dogs in a country where they are often neglected and abused. Snoopy recently arrived in Ontario where K9 Crusaders is providing him with a loving foster family until it’s time for him to find his forever home.

He is adjusting well thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help save his life!

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Snoopy at the shelter in Egypt, where he made lots of friends

The face of a dog on his way to Canada

The face of a dog who has arrived to his new life in Canada!

Snoopy gets a second chance thanks to pet rescuers!