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The World’s Most Spectacular Libraries.
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Photography8 years ago

The World’s Most Spectacular Libraries.

Libraries serve as refuge for lovers of reading and learning. Many of them are steeped in history and historical standards of classic and modern architecture. These libraries are not only famous for its architecture or their age but also by historical books, archives and manuscript which help us to understand day today the why of things.

We are a walk through some of the world’s most spectacular libraries.

More info:

Biblioteca Nacional de Praga, República Checa.

Biblioteca de la Trinidad, Dublin, Irlanda.

Biblioteca Real Portuguesa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

iblioteca de Admont, Austria.

Biblioteca George Peabody, Baltimore, Estados Unidos.

Biblioteca de la Camara de los Representantes, La Haya, Paises Bajos.

Biblioteca Nacional de Francia, Paris.

Biblioteca de la Universidad de Coimbra, Portugal.

Biblioteca de Ciencias de Gorlitz, Alemania.

Biblioteca Nacional de China, Pekin.

Biblioteca del Palacio Nacional de Mafra, Portugal.

Biblioteca Tripitaka, Templo Haensia, Corea del Sur.

Biblioteca del Estado de Victoria, Australia

Biblioteca Abandonada.

Biblioteca de Alejandría, Egipto.

Biblioteca Pública de Estocolmo, Suecia

Biblioteca del Instituto Ortopédico de Rizzoli, Bolonia, Italia.

Biblioteca Girolamini, Nápoles, Italia.

Biblioteca Nacional de Finlandia, Helsinki.

Biblioteca Real de San Lorenzo del Escorial, Madrid, España.


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