Everything looks so far that I am going to be in a month dad for the first time. That’s a look into the future. If I look into the past, I see little me loving to draw things. Now it has been a while since I drew anything at all.

I read that babies can only see black and white colors in the first weeks. So I started, after years of absence to draw again, to make my son his first friends (which will be used to create a mobile he can look at it).

Although I wanna warm up a bit because grown-up me, still loves drawing and I would love to pass on this passion.

The very first new friend and the first time I mixed ink and graphite

He should have friends from all over the world so this probably has the longest journey

And because he should value inner beauty

Little me loved big cats so a snow leopard as well

And a small challenge to get back on the Zebra