In 2019, we heard a quote from an LGBTQ senior about the years they lost not being their true selves.

This is what inspired the Not Another Second project, celebrating 12 LGBT+ pioneers who have paved the way for generations to come. The film is a personal, touching look into their stories, the struggles they had to face for decades and the fight they each put on, never losing their resilience, humanity and beauty.

Credits: SAGE USA, Watermark Retirement Communities, RXM Creative, Convicts, Karsten Thormaehlen, nAscent Art New York, Dittoe Public Relations.

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Not Another Second – The Film

Paulette & Pat

Paulette Thomas-Martin, 68

Pat Martin, 68


Paul Barby, 84 – The first openly gay man to run for Federal Office Nationwide in 1996

Reverend Goddess Magora Kennedy, 81


Ray & Richard

Ray Cunningham, 82


Richard Prescott, 78

Pearl Bennet, 69

Lujira Cooper, 72

Dominic “Nick” Procaccino, 87

Ellen “Ellie” Starer, 78


Ronald “Ronnie” Gilliard Ellis Jr., 79

Mark Gustafson, 75