The artist born in Singapore and based in Holland, Qixuan Lim creates these tiny and frightening sculptures that fit in the palm of the hand. As a background work, Lim carves not only the babies' heads, but also tiny ceramic hearts (almost always with teeth), animal skulls, pigs, and forearms. All of them are always very small and fit a lot of them in the palm of the hand.

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As an information designer, she works to convey simple, clear ideas in a way that reduces information overload. In a way, their tiny sculptures, so simple but complex, do something similar: they break the day-to-day bystanders of the endless procession of images on the internet.

Lim began to carve about five years ago. At the time, she was working on an art show during which she was mentored by Pann Lim, a respected figure in the creative scene of Singapore.

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