Every year, the “Rebellious Brides Blog” collaborates with the freshest and the most badass wedding artists to come up with wicked wedding ideas.

This year, they chose to do a Maleficent-themed wedding because what could be more rebellious than that? There are all kinds of fairy tales just like there are all kinds of weddings–and even the dark, twisted, outrageous ones are worth telling.

This wedding also comes with a nifty wedding video by “We Are Seekers” which you can watch at the end of this post.

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Concept and Direction by: The Rebellious Brides

Photography by: ProudRad

Videography by: We Are Seekers

Makeup for the Maleficent Bride by The Makeup of Mica

Hair & Makeup for the supporting cast by The Makeup Studio Team by Madge Lejano

Styling by Miss Kayce Team
Costumes & Gowns by Ms. Regine Tolentino
Children’s Gowns by Christine Lam

Flowers by Jacqs Florals Studio
Table Styling by La Porto Flora
Calligraphy Artwork by Ink Scribbler
Jewelry by Cuenca Jewelry


Location: Casa Marikit Italian Ristorante Lipa, Philippines