Asya Kale is a cute 1-year-old girl. Her photographer daddy and designer mom gave her a first birthday present that she will never forget. The loving parents organized a themed photoshoot for her.

Mom designed the concept and drew the costume while dad took pictures of her. Mom says that, “Asya is neither fragile like Snowwhite nor charming like Cinderella.

Their story is “Little red riding hood” because Asya is a girl with red cheeks and she is as fearless as little red riding hood.

Once upon a time there was a little red riding hood…

Let me get up and set off.

Gone, gone, gone and got lost in the forest.

This story ends in tragedy.

Hey wolf, come here, I’ll give you bread

Hey wolf, excuse me, I’ll tell you something…

Wolf! Where are you? Show yourself!

And the rapacious wolf ruins everything.