Fancy scaring the hell out of your family this Thanksgiving? Try serving up this Alien inspired Facehugger, a seriously mean looking fusion of whole roast chicken, snow crab legs, and a chicken sausage tail.

The Alien Facehugger is the work of Hellen Die, researcher, chef, food stylist, photographer, writer, and dishwasher of The Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon. It’s a horror-inspired collection of cool recipes that go beyond your standard Halloween themed novelty fare into a more gourmet, grown-up ghoulishness for foodies.

The appropriately named Hellen has a long history working in Hollywood film and T.V, specializing in horror films. Taking inspiration from her time on set, she is now bringing the gore into the kitchen, creating disgustingly delicious Thanksgiving recipes with the help of Lucifur, her doggy sidekick.

Clearly a fan of the Alien films, last year she went with the Chestburster emerging hideously out of the centerpiece turkey, a move that got her removed from cooking duties this time around by her family. You have to admit it looks pretty awesome, though, doesn’t it?

Check out how she made the Facehugger turkey recipe in the pics below. You can also see her other weird food creations, plus recipes, on her Website, Instagram and Facebook.

Hellen Die has come up with a Thanksgiving dinner idea that will scare the hell out of your family

We’re talking about the Alien vs Predator inspired Facehugger

Which the chef did after crafting a Chestburster emerging hideously out of the centerpiece turkey

So if you’re feeling adventurous, here’s how you can make your very own roast Facehugger

And here’s the final result

Dinner is served!