Do you lie awake at night, sweltering beneath a duvet while your husband or wife is fast asleep at the perfect temperature? Perhaps you lie freezing cold in the foetal position because the blanket isn’t thick enough for you but ideal for your partner? Then don’t worry, because the SmartDuvet Breeze won’t just save you hours of sleepless nights…it might also save your marriage!

It’s the world’s first dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed. Yes, that’s right. It also makes itself. But even more incredible is the fact that the SmartDuvet Breeze can regulate the temperature on different sides of the duvet thanks to a “climatization layer” that goes between the duvet and the duvet cover. You can easily adjust the climate using a simple smartphone app, and the control box stows away neatly beneath your bed. You can preheat the duvet before bedtime and you can even set a timer for when you want it to make itself!

The company floated the idea on Indiegogo in order to raise the $20,000 necessary for production, but they’ve since received almost $200k from people desperate for a decent night’s sleep. So instead of going your separate ways, pick up a SmartDuvet Breeze for $199 plus shipping. It’s much cheaper than a divorce.

More info: Indiegogo

Tired of arguing about the temperature in bed?

Then you need a SmartDuvet Breeze, the world’s first dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed!

You can easily adjust the climate on different sides of the bed using a simple smartphone app


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Some people were sold immediately

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