Depression sometimes makes even the most basic tasks, like brushing your hair in the morning, seem impossible. When a struggling 16-year-old girl came into an Iowa salon with tangled, matted hair, she told stylist Kayley Olsson to “just cut it all off.” Instead, Olsson did a good deed by working a record-breaking two days and 13 hours to restore both the young lady’s hair and her confidence.

20-year-old Olsson, who works at Capri Waterloo salon, shared before and after photos of the incredible transformation on Facebook after completing the landmark makeover on August 8th, and the entire Internet was shaken. The post went viral, with more than 75 thousand shares and almost 200 thousand likes on this beautiful example of selflessly helping others. Most importantly, the young girl’s new hairstyle was ready just in time for her back-to-school pictures!

On a more serious note, if you’re concerned that someone close to you may be experiencing depression or other mental health issues, their physical appearance may say even more than their words. Lack of personal hygiene and self-care is a serious symptom of chronic depression, and for women and girls, this often includes hair care. It’s amazing how something as simple as a new haircut can do so much for a person’s state of mind! See the amazing results for yourself below, and have your faith in humanity restored.

An Iowa hairstylist recently shared this photo of a young client who came to her salon looking for help

The story behind this tangled mess of hair is now going viral, and for the best reasons

The girl’s hair was completely restored – as was her confidence! Can you recognize her from before?

Some people put the blame on the teen’s parents for the extent of her issues

Others, however, commended the stylist for her understanding and dedication

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