T-ball is all-out war, and these 4- and 5-year-old girls are the warriors who fight on its battlefield. They are ‘Freeze,” an awesome Frozen-inspired team in Oklahoma who posed for this tough photo by Betsy Gregory, a photographer and the mother of one of the team’s members.

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The girls all posed in Elsa dresses for the photoshoot, but they weren’t afraid to bring their eye-blacked game faces either. After their mothers suggested they make a ‘Frozen’ team to get them excited to play, the girls considered being called the ‘Sparkling Elsas’ before opting for a tougher name – ‘Freeze.’

Gregory hopes the photo will be a powerful message for the young ladies; “It’s empowering, really, for little girls… ‘I can dress up but I can still be tough.'” They came in last in their league, but it still looks they had a lot of fun doing it!

More info: betsygregoryphotography.com | Facebook (h/t: huffpost)