Kirsty Mitchell, a talented photographer based in the UK, creates mystical and dream-like surreal photographs that clearly communicate her intense, deep, and personal connection to her unique artwork. When her mother died of brain cancer in 2008, photography became Mitchell’s only shelter from the pain of her loss.

“Photography art became my only escape when I could no longer talk about how I felt. It became an utter fantasy world that blocked out the real one, and a place where I could return to my memories of her, far away from those hospitals walls,” she writes on her website.

The influence of her loss and of her loving memories of her mother are readily apparent in her stunning pictures: “I found myself producing these creative photography pieces that echoed the memories of her stories, and the belief in wonder I have always felt since a child.”

Her background in fashion, costume design, and photography provides her with a unique combination of talents that let her create such elaborate and amazing photos. “By combining my various backgrounds, I started to create photo ideas in which everything was made or designed by myself, with the occasional help of a few friends. The costumes, props, sets, and accessories all became a vital part of the process that I recorded in the finished product of a creative photo.”