Have you ever dreamed of a device that could capture your dreams? Record it straight to video as you sleep, or at least take still pictures? Sadly, there is no such thing yet…but luckily there are some super creative artists that came really close to it.

Meet Sarolta Ban, a 27 years old female artist from Budapest, Hungary. When we asked her to tell a little bit about herself, she replied, “I’m not so good in talking about myself.. I prefer the pictures ‘talk'”.

Fortunately, her pictures are very talkative, each telling a strange dream-like story, so we could just stop the interview here. However, curiosity overcame us, and we asked a few more questions.

Now let’s jump straight to her dream-like photo manipulations and read our interview with Sarolta along with the pictures.

Flickr: mindazonaltal

Boredpanda: How do you come up with your ideas, and what do your pictures mean?

Sarolta Ban: I like using ordinary elements and by combining them, I can give them various stories, personalities. I hope that the meanings of my pictures are never too limited, are open in some way, each viewer can transform them into a personal aspect. So I’m happy if different people find different meanings in my images.

BP: How did your learn digital post production?

SB: I learned digital processing by myself, just by trying and experimenting. I started the whole thing about 3 years ago, and getting more focused on the digital work since about 2 years. I’m still learning it. :) I never had any special classes.

BP: What comes first, the whole idea, or a random picture, you decide to work on and do post-production?

SB: It’s quite random, I made pictures both way.

BP: How long and how many PS layers does it usually take to compose 1 picture?

SB: I usually work on a picture from a few hours to a couple of days long, and many times I use 50-100 different layers for one picture.

BP: How come do you use a  non professional camera FinePix S5600?

SB: Well it is because the money.. and also I’m not a professional photographer… But my dream is to own a bigger Nikon camera some day.

BP: What do you do for a living?

SB: Originally I’m a jewelry designer. Sometimes I get paid for my pictures, and I hope soon it could turn to be more professional.

BP: Favorite color?

SB: Green.. and turquise. I love all natural colours.

BP: A cat or a dog?

SB: Both. But if I have to choose, then dog.

Photo Manipulations by Sarolta Ban (PART II)