It’s not the first time that we’ve touched upon the problem of toxic masculinity and how widespread it is. It’s a common concept that half of the world’s population is supposed to ‘man up’ and hide away their emotions to be perceived as strong and serious. A big chunk of our society paints a man that steps outside of the unwritten rules as ‘weak’ or ‘feminine’ and that not only feeds into the problem of misogyny, but also creates an environment where boys and men aren’t allowed to deal with their emotions. They aren’t supposed to want or ask for care and soft things, going as far as men being terrified of crying. One Tumblr user, seeing this flaw in our culture, decided to share how she treats her boyfriend and how good it is to let men be human beings and express their emotions and needs. People quickly joined in with their own experiences as well as diving into the topic of toxic masculinity and analyzing how it affects the society, as well as individuals. Scroll down below to read what they had to say, and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

One woman on Tumblr shared how she takes care of her boyfriend’s emotional needs and people quickly joined in with their own stories

Image credits: Antonio Trogu

People went on to discuss how and why toxic masculinity affects lives and how to prevent it

Image credits: Jemma Harwood