An inept submarine crew has crashed their high-tech military submarine straight through the underside of Milan’s streets, emerging near the Duomo. Or at least, that’s the elaborate scene that the Europ Assistance Italia insurance company put on as part of a clever and over-the-top marketing campaign.

At the beginning of the event, designed by Milanese design studio M&C Saatchi, police, ambulances and fire fighters appeared to “control” the scene, fencing off the accident site and extracting the confused sailors. Meanwhile, a crowd gathered around the submarine to photograph the strange and curious sight. A hash tag on the side of the submarine, #L1F3, allowed observers to refer to the submarine, and soon, all of Twitter was awash with #L1F3 tweets talking about the strange submarine in Milan. The whole incident was designed to advertise Europ Assistance Italia’s new LifePark Protection store.

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