Whenever it feels like the whole world is against us and everything around us is crashing down, we’ve got to try our best to remember that there’s always someone, at least one person, who deeply cares about us. Yes, it’s never easy, though most of the time, all it takes for us to realize that is a single act of kindness from another human being. That’s exactly what’s recently happened to George Washington University student Zenia Kim.

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Zenia Kim is an 18-year old student who had recently withdrawn from university due to the struggles in her personal life

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Zenia Kim is a student at George Washington University who recently dropped out of the fall semester since all the tough things that she’s been dealing with made her unable to finish her classes. According to ABC7, one of her professors named Lynn Matheny had tried to contact the girl quite a few times asking about missing assignments and attendance.

After receiving no reply, though, the topics in the professor’s e-mails shifted from assignments and grades to Zenia’s overall well-being. “A week or two ago, she started emailing me like twice or multiple times a day asking me, ‘Any updates on your work?'” Zenia told ABC7. “And then she would also add, ‘Please just get back to me, I don’t even care if it’s about your work or grades, I just care about your safety.'”

Zenia explained the whole situation to one of her professors who was concerned about her well-being


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After receiving the letter, Zenia finally replied with a long and personal letter explaining the reasons behind her withdrawing from the fall semester and told about the difficult things that have been happening in her life. In her e-mail, the girl explains how she was admitted to the hospital after trying to take her own life and wasn’t able to go to college anymore. After that, she basically lost her home and had to look for a new place to live while also trying to pay for hospital fees. As if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant she works at is closing their indoor dining amid the pandemic, resulting in Zenia having fewer shifts and making less money.

The professor replied with a short, encouraging letter and asked the student for her Venmo

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The professor replied with an honest and encouraging e-mail. “That’s when I emailed her back with the long explanation. After that, she emailed me back saying she’s so sorry to hear about what happened and gave some words of encouragement,” Zenia told ABC7.

What was the most surprising was that, at the end of the letter, the professor asked Zenia to pass along her Venmo. Soon enough, Zenia realized that her professor had just given her $1,000.

After that, the girl received $1,000 with a simple “one day you will pay this forward”


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“When she asked, I was just thankful and grateful for it. I didn’t expect anything much; I was expecting like $10 or just anything—I wasn’t expecting anything. When I saw it, I was like, ‘Holy crap, what? That’s way too much money,'” the girl told ABC7.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ll pay you back in the future when I’m in a better place,’ and she emailed me back after saying, ‘Oh Zenia, this is not a loan, this is a gift to you. When I said ‘Pay it forward,’ I meant pay it forward to other people who are going to need help in the future,”” Zenia added.

This act of kindness made Zenia realize that, after all, she’s not alone and she’s never been alone. “There is always someone who does care about you, even thought you might not know it. I didn’t know my professor cared about me like that much… but the fact that she noticed one of her students didn’t show up for classes or didn’t turn any work in and managed to reach out to me means a lot,” the girl told ABC7.

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