Jim Bachor is an inventive artist who fills potholes in Chicago with beautiful mosaics to brighten the days of anyone who spots them during the day. Instead of filling potholes with flowers, he has now taken his work in a new direction, filling the potholes with tasty ice cream mosaics instead.

It seems like potholes have a way of inspiring playful protests from artists – here are a few more pothole artists you should check out!

More info: bachor.com | Facebook | TwitterInstagram (h/t: thisisnthappiness)

“The project is really more about brightening peoples’ days in the tiniest of ways with something almost universally loved (like ice cream or flowers) unexpectedly fixing something universally hated (potholes),” Jim Bachor told Bored Panda. “No matter if you are young, old, rich, poor etc – everyone hates them”

“The longer I do this the more people recognize me in a positive way. I’ve even had a guy drop off a coffee and danish one cool morning I was working on a piece”

“Cops drive by without giving me a glance. They must think I’m a city worker given my orange vest and traffic cones”

“The city of Chicago had an official response in a Chicago Tribune article in March 2014 saying that they liked the spirit of the campaign but I should leave the work to the professionals”

Thank you, Jim, for responding to Bored Panda’s questions about your work!