The Unexpected Festival in Fort Smith, Arkansas is a ten-day annual arts and cultural initiative that invites world-class street artists to revitalize the walls of the city’s downtown area.

Nine artists painted murals and created various indoor and outdoor installations under the curation of JUSTKIDS, a network of artists, designers and consultants that create international art and gallery shows. This year’s line-up included well-respected artists such as Guido van Helten, Faith47, Bordalo II, and Alex Diaz, and as you can see from these pictures, the stunning results have transformed the area into a vibrant outdoor art gallery. The exhibition is currently running through October 1, 2016.

More info: Unexpected Festival (h/t)

Okuda, The Universal Chapel

Alex Diaz

Guido van Helten

Bordalo II

Jaz and Pastel, Rapto Divino En Fort Smith (The Divine Rapt in Fort Smith)

Faith47, Royal Spirits