These are mine digital paintings! Behind the painting, there is some real heart touching stories! If you understand my approach please share and make a awareness for humans.

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Universal Eye – Procreate Painting

Eye is my favorite object since i was kid, I use to draw in boring time or i am depressed its make me relax and cool! But after i used to painting in procreate its my first eye painting ever!

Miss Dolly – Procreate Painting

Miss dolly is one of my dream girl role model! Even you can say she is really hot and sexy! It was my wish before i dont know digital paintings! That i will paint her so finally today i done it.

Golden Woman – Procreate Painting

All ladies love jewelry, diamonds, glamor and all luxury things around them, But some of ladies dont want they are actually worth it more then these fantasy stuffs! So this painting is dedicates for those ladies who are actually Gold from inner and outer!

Colors is my freedom – Procreate Painting

In our society still woman have boundaries, They dont do what they actually want they surviving sometimes of there parents, religion, love, beauty or there kids! But art is only form that allow them to go higher and higher there is no boundaries for them so this painting specially for those who has boundaries what ever you are man or woman colors can give perfect freedom.

Honey girl – Procreate Painting

Honey girl is ideally for those ladies who are serving for there sex life, Its true most of humans love sex and pleasure! But some are not some has there on dreams and wishes in this world ladies got arrange married and they are surviving for society and every day they are going to be die! During unlike sex with unloved person.