There’s an infinite amount of different ways and platforms to express your creativity. And Tumblr has long proven to be a great place to have your own creative corner. What it’s filled with is up to you to decide – thoughts, memes, paintings, written stories. Furthermore, there’s always something to reignite your creative spark if you’re just not really feeling it at the moment.

This was exactly the case of how the spooky story about the Monster Who Lives Under The Bed came to life. Someone on Tumblr got inspired after seeing a writing prompt and responded with an amazing piece that’s somehow strangely heartwarming even though it will probably leave you feeling unsettled.

The mastermind behind the story is Bethany Harper, more commonly known as Bethany the Martian. She’s a writer and pizza delivery lady, who also likes to call herself “an expert only on the least expected”. While she loves her main job delivering pizza in Norman, Oklahoma, she says that she loves writing as well and got serious about publishing after losing her work that’s been scattered over several old webpages and blogs. She’s mostly writing fiction and is currently working on a series “that’s yet to be named about a person from our time blinking into a magical future, and the family and adventures they find along the way. It’s a series of shorts, interlinked, that may or may not have novel potential,” she shared on her Patreon site.

This writing challenge was posted on Tumblr

Bethany got so inspired, she wrote a whole story about a monster that lives under a bed and we’re just not sure how to feel about it

People loved her piece and were quick to respond with witty remarks and words of admiration