Having a stepfamily, or becoming a part of one, has become a part of our lives since many American families divorce, remarry, or form other relationships. A Pew Research Center survey showed that 42% of American adults have at least one step relative. Of this group, 30% have a stepsibling, and 13% have at least one stepchild.

And while for most families, raising a stepchild is no different than their own child, sadly, it’s not the case for everyone. One mom faced major backlash online after posting a request on the Facebook group “Photoshop Fairy Connection,” where she asked people for a very controversial favor. “Can anyone remove the center kid?” she asked, pointing at her stepson in a family photo. The woman was also ready to pay a $10 fee, but people on the internet were not buying it.

The Twitter user @WadeCross reposted the screenshots and it amassed 5.6K retweets, 6.1K quote tweets, and 36.8K likes. The case infuriated people and no one could stay silent.

Unfortunately, a similar case has happened before and caused a huge stir online. Read about it in our previous article right here.

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The author of the family picture didn’t seem to mind the woman’s request

So she confidently posted her request on a Photoshop group, offering $10 pay

These days, when every bit of information spreads so fast on social media, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the woman’s request to remove her stepson from a family photo would go viral. Except it’s all for the wrong reasons, since many people felt genuinely enraged by such behavior.

But people online just couldn’t stay silent

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Bored Panda reached out to one Twitter user who shared screenshots of the post with the caption “Kids deserve better,” which gained a lot of reactions, including 338.8k likes, 80.6k retweets, and 2.2k quote tweets.

The woman who’s also a mother to little girls and wanted to remain anonymous told us that her initial reaction was “disgust because the stepson is going to see it eventually and know he was deliberately erased from ‘family’ pictures.”

She also stressed that “it is morally wrong to treat stepchildren differently than biological children.”

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When asked what we can all learn from this heartbreaking case, the woman said that “we need to take a step back and look at things from a child’s point of view and choose our partners wisely,” she added, “especially when we already have children from a previous relationship.”

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