My name is Martin Hunt, and for the past ten years, I have been designing and folding detailed origami versions of iconic vehicles from the Star Wars films. Each origami art model is folded from a single square of paper with no cuts or tears. Where possible, I try to use the colored side of the paper to add extra detail to the Star Wars models and match the patterns seen on the real movie props.

Some Star Wars vehicle models can be folded in under twenty minutes; the most complex designs can take upwards of six hours to complete. The design process itself can take anything from an afternoon to several days. To date, I have created 33 unique original designs spanning the six theatrical films, covering a wide range of ships, fighter jets, vehicles, droids, and even a Death Star!

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X-Wing Starfighter

Millennium Falcon

Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Fighter


Imperial Star Destroyer

Luke’s Landspeeder

A-Wing Starfighter

Speeder Bike