Uni is a 9-month-old Shiba Inu living in Tokyo, Japan, and he has a lot to smile about. His owner loves him, there are plenty of toys in their home, and they lead active lives. But can you guess what makes Uni the happiest? Food!

That's right, the puppy can't stop smiling whenever there's something delicious in front of him; even if the smoothie or a bowl of pasta on the table belongs to his human, it looks like the mere sight of food puts the widest grin on the little buddy's face.

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"Uni is beautiful not only because he's always smiling," his owner told Bored Panda. "His short little legs have white paws, making him look as if he's wearing socks!"

Scrolling through Uni's photos, it becomes clear that he's pretty chill in most environments. "He is very well behaved, and knows that he needs to be quieter when we go out," his owner added. "When he's in public, he's calm, doesn't bark, or run around which makes hanging a stress-free and enjoyable experience."

When it comes to food, the puppy's owner said he's not picky at all; Uni loves everything, especially potato sticks.

However, if you too want to give your dog potatoes, American Kennel Club warns that it should be baked or boiled, with nothing added to it. "Potatoes fried in oil, such as french fries or potato chips, or potatoes with butter or salt added to them are not healthy for dogs. If your canine companion has diabetes, he should not be given potatoes because they can cause blood sugar spikes," the organization wrote.

Uni, however, clearly can and does enjoy eating them.

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