With the current state of plastic pollution well documented – a staggering 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every year – you’d think that the message about cutting down on single-use plastics would be getting through by now.

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Apparently not. This mom, posting on the ‘Simply Moms‘ Facebook page, was keen to advertise her lack of awareness and sheer laziness to her peers, even going as far as recommending these ridiculously wasteful products to others.

There seems to be a movement of people who are spitefully going out of their way to drive bigger cars, use more plastic and eat more meat just to prove their ‘denialist’ credentials. Luckily there are growing numbers who are still able to empathize and educate themselves, and this lady was rightly called out for her misplaced smugness.

How hard can a quick wipe of the sink really be?

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Microplastics have become so ubiquitous in our environment, they are starting to impact human health too. Having entered the food chain, starting at the very bottom of even the remotest ocean floor, researchers have now estimated that the average person consumes more than 74,000 particles of plastic each year.

The long term impacts of this are still unknown, but it’s certainly not going to be part of a balanced and healthy diet, is it?

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According to National Geographic, 40 percent of all plastic produced is packaging, used just once and then discarded. “It’s OK because it gets recycled,” you might hear people say.

However, less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally with the highest rates in Europe at 30 percent. China’s rate is 25 percent, while the United States recycles just 9 percent of its plastic trash.

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None of this is an excuse for laziness. While our individual efforts are unlikely to make a great deal of difference in the short term, we can change wastefully packaging by businesses by boycotting them, voting with our purchases and choosing environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. Eventually, the message will get through.

To achieve this we need education, awareness and actual care to triumph over blind convenience, which is why the reaction to this mom’s hideous message is so important!

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