76 years old grandmother Lyubov Morekhodova from Siberia is not an ordinary pensioner. Despite her old age, she managed to not only survive frosty weather but also gained attention for her skating skills.

Lyubov learned to skate at the age of seven and now she spends her retirement days gliding across one of the deepest lakes in the world – Baikal.

Retired technology engineer lives in a modest house and takes care of her beloved animals consisting of dogs, a cat, hens, roosters, calves, bulls, and cows. She wakes up at 5.30 am to feed the cows and let them out to graze on a hill. Every day, to shorten the distance, she puts on her skates made in 1943 and glides across the lake to make sure that the cows wouldn’t get lost.

Since her husband died in 2011 Lyubov lives alone, but she is not lonely. During the summer her grandchildren and nephews come to visit. Even though her family encouraged this fearless old woman to move to the city, she insisted on staying because she claims to be happy and fulfilled living in the midst of Siberia

Meet Lyubov Morekhodova a grandmother spends her retirement days gliding across lakes Baikal

Lyubov is used to skating long distances every day

Her father made the skates by cutting a metal saw and inserting it into pieces of wood which I then tied to Valenki (traditional felt boots)


After her husband died Lyubov is living alone, although she doesn’t feel lonely in a company of her beloved animals

The drinking water comes from Baikal. Every day she carries buckets full of water


Lyubov admits that the Baikal gives her happiness and a good mood

Lyubov possesses a talent in embroidery and other crafts. Some of her works were even awarded in local competitions