COVID-19 has everyone locked down and sad. My mom turned 70 this past July and before the virus came along, we had a plan to go on a big family trip together to celebrate her. Obviously, that was not to be, so my brother and I decided to honor her in the only way we knew how—with ourselves.

Our mom was the kind of mom who would take us to Sears for a formal portrait every year. She would probably still do this if we all lived in the same place. Many of you may recognize some of the background settings of the more studio-like of the portraits: fake Xmas tree, weird beige “blanket,” and, my personal favorite, floating baby head.

My brother and I had an excellent time recreating these photos, and we hope they will bring a smile to someone’s face.

Newborn sister vs. maybe dead sister

Floating baby head

This baby pool feels smaller

Burnt orange rug

Whatever are you doing in the background?

If you give a toddler a cookie

It’s weirder to sit on my brother’s lap when we are both over 40

Sears 4 life

But, really, we haven’t aged a bit