I am André Alessio and I’m a 48-year-old photographer from France. I was born and I live in Montpellier, a town in the south part of the country. I received my first photo camera when I was 13 years old and I am autodidact.

Since that time, I have photographed landscapes and portraits, combining photography with my great passion for traveling to many different countries around the world. I tend to avoid crowded places and popular routes. I’d rather take my time and start up chatting with local people.

“Série Noire” is a portfolio in black and white from a series of portraits shot during my travels.

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Portrait of a long life, China

All the happiness of the world, China

A beautiful and simple life, Thailand

Sadness of a man behind a glass, China

Lady of Wase, China

Pahrump near Las Vegas, USA

Smile of a life, China

Cyril, France

Série Noire, China

Happy silver smile, China

Traditional smoking, China

Be happy of your Life, Japan

I have a dream that one day, China

All the happiness of the world, China

All the sorrow of the world, China

The Unknown, Thailand

Actor of his own life, Thailand

Ancient soldier smoking Wase, China