Remember 26 Faces in Everyday Objects we posted some time ago ? There is now a Twitter account called @FacesPics dedicated to just that – pictures of random stuff that looks like it has a face.

Seeing faces in random objects is called pareidolia, a term for giving random or unrelated stimuli (mostly vision or sound) meaning. Many theorize that pareidolia is a hard-wired mental feature that has helped us quickly recognize and identify human faces and make sense of the world around us. Judging by these pics, all it really takes is two eyes and a mouth to make a face. And now, ever since we first created a list of images like these at Bored Panda, we can’t help but see faces on random stuff wherever we go.

Although it has only posted 57 images since its first on November 9th, the Twitter account has already amassed over 172,000 followers. Although the pictures being posted on this twitter account have appeared on other lists before, the account will hopefully prompt more people to take pictures of faces wherever they see them and put them online for us to enjoy.

Source: @FacesPics (via)

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@FacesPics: Twitter Account Dedicated to Seeing Hidden Faces In Everyday Things