My name is Kristian Mensa and I’m a 17-year-old artist from Czech Republic.

Throughout the years I’ve realized how important are the simple objects. They can represent hundreds of completely different things and have a totally different meaning.

This is the second part of my creative illustrations, the first part can be found here. Take a look at my gallery and enjoy!

More info: Instagram

Flower Gramophone

Marge And Her New Haircut

Selfish Mario


Nemo In Danger!

Natural Jackson 5

USB Guard

Ron Weasley’s Spell Went Wrong

Helping Charmander

Beauty And The Yeast

Octopus Portal

Useful Toothpick


Sponge Surfer

Pasta Charmer

The Truth About Losing Socks

Paperclip Denseuse

Morning In The Office

Mike Wazowski The Camouflage Master