On September 2016 Sara Novic from Brooklyn tweeted about a strange incident she had on a plane involving a creepy doll and its owner. After boarding the plane she happily tweeted that there’s no person in the middle seat next to her. Well, at least no human person. It turns out, the middle seat was taken by a creepy doll. To make this situation even more bizarre, Sara discovered that the owner of a doll bought it a ticket.

Apparently, the doll is named Barbara and he booked the ticket under her name. Furthermore, the man used a fake birthdate. It caused a great deal of turmoil for airport’s security team which desperately tried to match the name on the boarding pass to the given birth date. The situation was resolved only after they realized that Barbara is a doll.

After a two-hour layover, Sara got onto another plane just to see the same doll and the man sitting across her. This coincidence made matters even worse and Sara described the whole incident as terrifying. Tell us in the comments if you find this doll creepy or not so much!

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On Twitter Sara Novic from Brooklyn documented a strange incident she had on a plane

After boarding the plane she noticed an unusual passenger sitting next to her

When Sara thought she was safe, the man with his doll got on another plane with her