Everybody is afraid of something, but some of us have the strangest fears. Such as cats. Yes, there are people who suffer from ailurophobia and are absolutely terrified of these cuddly bundles of fur. While most people love or at least tolerate cats, it’s hard to imagine someone who can’t even stand the sight of a cat. And if you cat lovers out there don’t believe it’s possible, you should meet Sal Vulcano.

If you make a face like this when you’re near cats, you probably have ailurophobia too

Well, The Impractical Joker Sal definitely has one, otherwise, his colleagues wouldn’t have so much fun throwing cats at him

To punish him for throwing tarantulas at his colleague, the rest of Impractical Jokers decided to chain Sal up and surround him with cats

While we do feel sorry for Sal that he had to endure it, the video is definitely hilarious to watch

Here’s how people reacted