When my new kitten realized Christmas had a tree he was all for it. But what about his owner?

This is Hamilton

This is my cat Hamilton. He is an orange hyper tabby. He likes to play and break things. So when Christmas came I didn’t know what to do. But I still put up my Christmas tree because what could I do.

My Tree

This is my tree with he isn’t trying to destroy it. As you can see nothing is really on it because he will destroy it.

After All Hell Breaks Lose

After about a day he realized that if he jumped up on the tree it would fall over so every morning he does this. With no guilt because he is a demon stuck in a cute kitten.

He wasn’t always like this.

When I first got him he was a tired little guy. And I was depressed and needing someone. My cat had died and I need help.

Thats when it hit me.

My cat had this costume she loved. Everyone winter I would put it on her and she would just sit there. Ok just kidding she probably was thinking how to murder me.

So I put it on him.

And to my surprise it wasn’t hard. He climbed the tree like the days before but this morning instead of being shamed I put this on him. And after about 10 minutes he learned his lesson.

Hamilton Now.

He is still a mischievous cat. My socks are everywhere because of him. But thats ok because I love him even if he only likes me because I feed him and take him outside.