Few would argue if someone said we live in the age of technology. We all walk the streets being surrounded by various devices, clinging to our smartphones, on a constant search for the best app to scroll. Talking about those, there will probably be no surprise here that Instagram is one of the most popular choices. And luckily for us mere mortals, celebrities love it as much or even more then we do and keep surprising us with a variety of splendid content. Even if it’s something as simple as a short video of themselves using a popular filter. That’s exactly the case with this story. Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda tried out the viral Instagram filter “Which Disney Character Are You” and her reaction after getting Genie, the character voiced by her late father, is just too pure. Scroll down to see it for yourself!

Late actor Robin Williams’ daughter recently tried out the “Which Disney Character Are You” Instagram filter

Image credits: zeldawilliams

Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda played around testing out the viral Instagram filter that randomly matches a person with the Disney character they are most similar to. To her own surprise, she got Genie from “Aladdin”, which was voiced by none other but her own late father.

And her reaction after getting Genie is just pure gold

Genie was voiced by her late father back in 1992

Just like so many others who gave into the craze about the filter, she sat down rolling her eyes at her front-facing camera while a roulette of Disney characters flashed by. When the frame on her forehead eventually went still with the smug blue face on Genie, she burst into laughter, being visibly surprised and amused. Talk about coincidences!

And is considered to be one of the favorite characters of his whole career

Image credits: Disney

What are the odds of his daughter getting this character, huh?

Image credits: Disney

Genie from the ’90s cartoon “Aladdin” was one of her father’s most-loved characters. Robin Williams was one of the first well-known comedians to team up with Disney and lend his voice and charming personality to an animated character.

The people of the Internet loved it