Needless to say, life is full of ups and downs. And whenever you’re down, it’s an amazing feeling to receive support from the people you love, and even more so from the people who you never expect.

Reddit user LiquidMotion recently shared a story of how he had an employee who would constantly end up falling asleep on the job. One short conversation later, the manager found out the employee was actually homeless and ended up pulling some strings to make sure the employee got a break in life and it took a turn for the better.

A Reddit user who’s a retail manager shared a story of his employee who would often fall asleep on the job

Image credits: Clean Wal-Mart (not the actual photo)

So, a video of a Subway employee falling asleep on the job has been drawing the attention of Redditors lately. As the woman is preparing food, she is seen ever so slightly stopping the preparation process and bending over the food platter until she finally lays her head in it, face down, and gently retreats into slumberland.

The video is titled Oh dear Monday… and has received over 28,000 upvotes in under one day. Sure enough, there were many who came to comment on the video, and one particular commenter, LiquidMotion, shared a story of how he, being a manager at a retail store, had an employee who’d constantly fall asleep at work.

Turns out, the employee’s homeless and sleeping in a car is tough—so the manager decided to change that

Image credits: LiquidMotion

As the story goes, the Redditor had a new guy working for him who would fall asleep a few times throughout his shift. Both coworkers and customers were telling him that they suspected the guy was on drugs as he would just randomly nod off quite literally in the middle of his duties.

For some reason, nobody ever thought that it might not be drugs, but rather a case of narcolepsy or just sheer over-exhaustion, but that seemed to be everyone’s first guess.

So, he decided to talk to the employee about it. Turns out, the employee was actually homeless and had been living in his car for a while at that point. He wasn’t getting enough proper sleep because the police would keep harassing him for sleeping in his car.

Good-guy manager pulled some strings and made sure the employee gets better conditions for sleeping

Image credits: Eli Duke (not the actual photo)

Another Reddit user shared a similar sleeping on the job story in response to LiquidMotion’s comment

Image credits: WoenixFright

Until that point, he had been simply sleeping for an hour or two, finding a new spot to sleep in, then sleeping for another hour or two, and moving again. Rinse and repeat until it starts taking a toll on you and you begin falling asleep at work.

So, good-guy manager decided that he’d do something about it. He moved his schedule a bit and had him start parking in the store’s private parking lot. He talked to some of the other managers to make sure the guy was left alone there.

He even had to lie to management and tell them that this particular employee was between flats for a week or two and that it was temporary. They were reluctant at first, but he managed to persuade them by saying that they couldn’t afford losing yet another employee, especially one that took 2 months to hire.

And, sure enough, it only took the employee a few weeks afterward to get everything sorted out and find himself a living space. “Some people just need a little help,” concluded LiquidMotion in his comment.

At first, management didn’t want a sleeper on their premises, but the Reddit user managed to convince them

Image credits: LiquidMotion

Another user—WoenixFright—responded with his own story where an employee would work his 8-hour shift, use the break room to sleep through the second shift, and would later wake up, go to the gym, get his clothes washed, and would return for work in time.

But despite his hard work and diligence, being in a situation where he simply had nowhere to go, management decided to let him go after one of the custodians who didn’t like him sleeping there told on him.

Many others also responded to LiquidMotion’s comment, praising him and giving him a bunch of awards. In under a day, the comment got over 5,300 upvotes with over 170 Reddit awards, which lead to another Redditor sharing a screencap of it on the r/HumansBeingBros subreddit, where it got over 104,000 upvotes and another 200 plus awards!

The post soon went viral, getting over 104k upvotes with a bunch of people reacting to it in the comments section

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