This is Pringle – a bearded dragon from Melbourne, Australia. His owner, Sophie Hayes, got him when he was a tiny one-month-old lizard, and discovered that Pringle is nothing like those reptiles who just like eating and sunbathing all the time. Pringle loves to be in front of the camera! He’s a natural model and you can see him posing with all kind of props without any problems.

Pringle is now 4 years old and has already got so famous that he even appeared on The New York Post! However, he remains a humble lizard who likes simple things like going for a walk, eating salads or playing video games. Even many presents from his owner can’t spoil this bearded dragon!

More info: | Instagram (via: nypost)

Pringle has his own bike! He’s still learning to ride it, though.

Lookin’ fabulous.

And after his warm baths, he wears a robe to look like Hugh Hefner.

Let the feast begin!

Pringle’s going on a trip.

Pringle would like to be the next Doctor Who as he can defeat the Daleks without any problem!

Being a serious policeman suits him very well.

Pringle wishes you a Merry next Christmas!

To relax, Pringle likes to play Pokemon with his owner.

The Force is strong with Pringle!

“Enough taking pics of me, now I’ll take a pic of YOU!”

Pringle totally rocks his new scarf.

Pringle’s favorite book. His favorite character is dragon Viserion as he looks a lot like Pringle.

“Ha! And you thought that bearded dragons can’t drive”

After a rough day, Pringle just wants to cuddle with his teddybear and sleep. Good night!