Rainbow Roller is a roller that paints instant rainbows. Instead of painting a single color, the rainbow roller blends 10 colors placed in the VIBGYOR order into a beautifully blended rainbow to help make everything a part of fantasy-land themed world.

One day while just surfing around on the internet, I came across the nyan cat GIF leaving a trail of rainbow in its wake. That got me thinking about how to do the same in the real world. After a bit of trial and experimentation with different types of sponges and paints, I managed to create the rainbow roller as I had imagined it.

To celebrate same-sex marriage legalization in US, Facebook provided an option of changing your profile image to rainbow hues which became quite viral. So inspired by that, I tried using the rainbow roller over printed images and achieved the same effect in the physical world.

More info:

1. Measure And Cut Acrylic

2. Assemble Paint Box


3. Glue Sponge To Box


4. Attach Roller

5. Attach Metal Rod For Support

6. Prepare Acrylic Paints


7. Pour Paints And Make Rainbows

8. Use the Facebook’s CelebratePride profile picture editing on physical photographs