World-renowned soap company Dove is officially knees-deep in controversy, and it’s definitely not something that’s going to wash away. They’re being accused of racism after publishing an ad which shows a black woman taking off her shirt to reveal a white woman ‘underneath.’ Understandably, we’re all pretty confused as to how this made it out of the boardroom.

Dove was quick to pull the offending video, and has since apologized for ‘missing the mark’ on their representation of diversity. The damage is done, however, and hell hath no fury like an Internet scorned. People all over Twitter and other social media are calling BS on the company’s claimed ‘regret,’ and are comparing the ad to the infamous Pears’ Soap campaign from the 1800’s, which displayed black children being ‘scrubbed clean’ and turning white. Some are even calling for a boycott, highlighting previous problematic Dove commercials as further grounds.

“Dear Dove, I assure you us ‘women of colour’ have actual skin with colour, not a tan that you can remove. Thanks,” one user poignantly commented. Scroll down to see more reactions, and add your own voice at the end.


    Dove recently launched a body wash ad that has people feeling just a little bit confused


    You’ve probably guessed by now that people were raging


    Even more embarrassingly, it seems that Dove is a repeat offender when it comes to offensive ads


    People are even comparing Dove’s ads to the infamous Pears’ Soap campaign of the 1800’s

    Dove pretty much had no option but to apologize

    It wasn’t exactly accepted, however


    Some argued that the whole thing was an honest mistake, and that people are overreacting

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