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I’ve Quit My 9-to-5 Job And Started Tattooing People
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I’ve Quit My 9-to-5 Job And Started Tattooing People


Hi! My name is Ola, I’m 24 and I live in Warsaw, Poland. I finally got enough guts up to share my story with you :)

My whole life has changed within one week, last year in August. It took a lot of courage, sweat and tears, as my whole life has turned upside down. Actually, within a few weeks, I’ve quit my safe and stable job, just to get a one month apprentice; I’ve met the love of my life; I’ve moved out from my mum to the opposite side of my town; and finally, I’ve started putting ink under other people skin forever!

I’ve been dreaming about becoming a tattoo artist since forever, and just like that, scrolling through Facebook, I’ve come across somebody’s post – they were looking for a tattoo studio manager. Within a few days we had a meeting arranged, so I took my drawings for the job interview. You know, just by an accident I had them on me that day ;) They were so overwhelmed by my portfolio, that they themselves proposed to teach me how to tattoo. So when I’ve cooled down after being proposed my dream job at one of the best tattoo studios in my country, I’ve quit my typical office job just like that, telling my boss I’ve been offered a job I can’t refuse. Even though it was just a one month long tryout apprentice, and there were so many things that could go wrong, I’ve not hesitated for a single moment, and I was sure I’m on the “right path”.

More info: Facebook | Instagram


I’ve been dreaming about becoming a tattoo artist since forever, so when I was offered a job in a tattoo studio I just couldn’t say no. I quit my office job to follow the right path for me

It turned out that tattooing actually is my destiny and I instantly knew that is what I want to do for the rest of my life

My tattoo guru was overwhelmed by my progress, as none of his previous apprentice has achieved as much as I did in such a short time

The reason I’m writing this to show everyone, that you really can do and become what you want


And, although it requires a lot of hard work, it is still so simple! I know it sounds cliché – I’ve been hearing that quote for years and years!


“Do what you love…” – we’ve all heard that, right? For me it seemed like kind of utopia, something that happens only in Disney movies

I thought my story shows that you really don’t have to live the life other people think you should

A friend of mine told me once, that I’m an inspiration for following one’s dreams. These words have sounded very greatly for me


That’s why I’m sharing my story and think it would be so amazing if it inspired anyone else. It really is that simple!

Finding and concentrating on what makes you happy and pursuing it









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