A NYC-based illustrator Andy Stuart from Noob the Loser shows that even the worst day ever is not that bad when… You have a fluffy four-legged friend who simply won’t let you feel sad… Well, at least not on his watch! Indeed, love-filled furballs a.k.a. dogs, think they are on a full-time mission to make the days of their owners’ brighter, and man, do they take their job seriously!

”Imagine a hairy nerd playing a lot of Lague of Legends, and you’ve basically got me pinned down.. I grew up with many dogs. My favorite was a lady mutt named Freddie (short for Winifred). She wasn’t a particularly small dog, but if you were sitting on a couch, she’d climb up on the back of it behind your head and drape herself across your neck. Every time. She was also a coward, and basically perfect.” Stuart told Bored Panda.

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