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This Jack-O’-Lantern’s Tiny Face Is The Laziest Pumpkin Carving Ever
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This Jack-O’-Lantern’s Tiny Face Is The Laziest Pumpkin Carving Ever


Though Halloween pumpkin carving has its old traditions, you might wonder, why we called them jack-o’-lanterns. As you might now, Halloween comes from Celts in Ireland, who have a myth about Stingy Jack. Stingy Jack once tricked the Devil, and after his death, he was accepted neither to heaven nor to hell and ended up roaming the Earth for eternity. To scare the wandering spirit away, people started carving demonic faces into turnips and squashes, making the first jack-o’-lanterns. This turnip or pumpkin carving tradition was soon incorporated into Halloween, as it fit the occasion perfectly.

Now, carving the scariest and most creative jack-o’-lantern faces become quite competitive; sadly though, not all of us are gifted like Ray Villafane. But that doesn’t mean we can’t realize our own pumpkin carving ideas!

LisaShuBop uploaded her funny pumpkin carving to the internet, and it’s as awesome as it is lazy. Her post is titled “My kind of effort” and features a few pictures of her “minimalistic” pumpkin project. There’s certainly something charming about this little smiley face that makes you fall in love with it. On the other hand, it gives us, lazy people, some hope, too!



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