There’s nothing quite as priceless as seeing scammers getting scammed. And who is there better to serve justice than talented voice actor Rosie Okumura? Better known by her Youtube name IRL Rosie, the LA-based actor has got a real treat for fans of karma.

In a viral Youtube video, Rosie posed as a Google virtual assistant calling scammers and inviting them to redeem their Google play card credits worth $500. Her “scambaiting” pranks worked wonders and it seems like nobody on the end of the line gave it a shadow of doubt. Rosie, who is no rookie when it comes to messing with scammers, told Bored Panda: “I think anyone who falls for anything is caught in a moment of desperation or vulnerability. The scammers are the desperate.” Scroll down for the full interview down below!

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The talented voice actor posed as a virtual Google assistant in this priceless “scambait” prank

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Whoever you tag in this video owes you $500.

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Rosie told Bored Panda that voice acting was something she has always had passion for since she was young. Impressively, all of her impression techniques are self-taught. It was only a few years ago that “I saved up the money and got a little bit of training, mainly for commercial copy.”

It takes both talent and training to be a good voice actor. “Anyone can learn anything, but it being difficult or hard is dependent on being born with it or not.” Rosie also said that having lived in a lot of different states, it’s been easy for her pick up dialects and accents.

There are around 25 voices in Rosie’s repertoire at the moment, but her Alexa/AI impression and old lady voice are “my silliest!”


It turns out, voice acting comes in handy in real life too. “If someone’s calling me and I don’t recognize the number, I’ll answer with an Australian accent just in case.” The actor recounted how one time she got super embarrassed when she realized it was the vet calling to confirm her cat’s appointment. “They have met me several times and know I am NOT, in fact, Australian,” Rosie laughed.

Rosie is planning on doing a video where she orders food at the drive-through in her different voices. We can’t wait!

Watch Rosie tricking the scammers big time in this full video

And people thought it’s gold