Chicago artist Alex Solis is putting a twist on pop-culture characters again in his new series of illustrations, “Icons Unmasked.” “Alexmc” gained fame for his Chunkies series of overweight sports figures, and Bored Panda has previously featured his predators vs. prey and creative interactive illustrations as well.

“Icons Unmasked” pokes fun at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious character mashups: Robin’s reveal that he’s actually a robin is not surprising, but the Goku to Pikachu transformation is visually clever. However, what’s the Kermit image all about?

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Grumpy Cat Unmasked

Peter Unmasked

The Beast Unmasked

Kermit Unmasked

Elsa Unmasked

Batman Unmasked

Goku Super Saiyan Unmasked


Big Bird Unmasked

Barney Unmasked

Daffy Unmasked

The Hulk Unmasked

The Flash Unmasked

Aquaman Unmasked

Mega Man Unmasked

Robin Unmasked

Alien Unmasked