As a dog photographer I meet lots of different dogs. Every dog I meet is an individual with unique characteristics and quirks. They are my inspiration and constant source of laughter. Couldn’t possibly put into words how much joy they bring. So, with this fun little projects of dogs dressed for bath time I would like to celebrate the adorableness of my gorgeous and lovable models. May they brighten your day as they brighten mine constantly.

And, of course, as I want the dogs to only have fun when they are in my studio… no dog was actually bathed in the making of these pictures!

Instagram: @wieselblitz

More info:

The curious cutie

The first-time all-inclusive guest

The wellness enthusiast

The childish senior

The serious youngster

The one who’s here indognito

The rough one looking rather smooth

The one attracted to the dog side of the force

The one who’d rather gone to the cinema

The one seeing life through a bubble

The ice swimmer

The fluffy adorableness

The towel holder

The partially disabled but not handicapped one

The night swimmer

The non swimmer

One of many looking for a loving home

The cheeky girl

The Nova Scotia tongue rolling retriever

The bubble bath lover

The one in a melon