It all started because I wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree in our very dark living room. I knew a live one would never survive so I made one using paper, paper mache, wood dowels, and paint. It was rewarding and fun to make!

It has been a challenge and a treat to discover what other plants I can craft out of paper. I am a lifelong “tree hugger” and crafter. I’ve always enjoyed being in nature and by making plants, I am combining two of my big loves. Because I live in NYC, I spend a lot of time at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden searching for inspiration and admiring all the plants – plants that would never survive in my apartment. So, if I see something I like, I make it with paper.

More info:

Paper Pilea Peperomioides

Paper Watermelon Peperomia Plant

Paper Begonia Leaves In Process

Paper African Mask Plant

Paper Heart Leaf Philodenron

Paper Polka Dot Plant

Paper Angel Wing Begonia

Paper Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Golddust Dracaena

Oxalis Triangularis

Ruellia Makoyana

Paper Plant Friends