X-Presion, a cutting-edge (no pun intended) hair research and development company in Madrid, has pioneered an interesting new pixelated hair coloring technique that has the internet abuzz. They call it #xpresionpixel.

It’s not yet clear how this marriage of digital art with real-world hair styling holds up once you leave the salon, but plenty of people have already tried it out. What do you think of this new style?

Read on for X-Presion’s answers to Bored Panda’s questions about their work!

More info: | Facebook (h/t: brit)

Jorge Cancer, a press rep for X-Presion, told Bored Panda that the style “was created by mistake. We were in Minneapolis preparing a big show for 4500 people and then, with one of the models, I got an effect in her hair that I didn’t expect. After that, we started to study and think until we got the trend as it is now” (Image credits: laialae)

He said that the style “is really easy to maintain. When your hair grows, your pixels will be lower but still look great. And if you want to retouch and keep the existing ones, you just need to make a few more pixels closer to the roots. Easy!” (Image credits: Revlon)


Its something really easy to do, but you must go to a hairstylist who has been to the X-presion Creative Education Seminars. You need to learn a few rules, otherwise it could be a big mess” (Image credits: xpresioncreativos)

Image credits: xpresioncreativos

Image credits: Revlon

Image credits: xpresioncreativos

Image credits: xpresioncreativos

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Thank you, Jorge, for answering Bored Panda’s questions about X-Presion Creativo’s work!