I have been creating photos based on my dreams for the past 7 years. All of these were shot on location in the same session. Like dreams, they look real but have an underlying feeling of happiness, dread, paranoia and weirdness to them.

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Master Magician

This one took 2 attempts, since the cards didn’t come out looking as I wanted them to. Each photoshoot took 3 hours.

My Groove Is Back From A Long Vacation

Shot in the Ramon Crater in the south of Israel.

Identity Crisis

Shot in Brussels. When we were done, a gust of wind knocked over my lightstand onto my tripod, breaking both of them.

My Heart

Almost burnt my wife’s face off while creating this one.

White Space – A Trip To Mars

First time using a small built model in a shoot. The spaceship was bought on Ebay and has not yet flown to space.



Hired an Iguana to pose for this photo. Was expensive. They charge by the hour.

Human Huggers

The Box

Pigeons will do what you want if you have bread.

At The Chime Of The City Clock

Night Story

The Unveiling

We Were Meant For Each Other