I have always loved photography and, like many people, I used to do it as a hobby. Initially, I only took pictures during my travels and vacations. But at some point, I realized that I was not happy with the way my life was converging so I needed to make a decision: was I going to keep that way or would I make a turn? Fortunately, I did turned and bumped into photography.

Animals have been a part of my life since ever and I wanted to help them but I didn’t know exactly how to do it. So, talking to a friend who is a volunteer at an animal rescued NGO, I found out that photographers are actually really needed at this kind of NGO. The idea is simple, better photos, more chances to be adopted. Therefore, as I was taking photography classes, I volunteered. It was like love at first sight. However, every time I mentioned that I was a volunteer at an animal shelter, people always got that image of volunteers playing and petting the animals. I felt like no one really knew how hard and strenuous it can be.

Having that in mind, I chose voluntary work as the theme of my coursework (against my teacher’s will). And the reception of my photos was so great (not only by my teacher but also by the volunteers and even by a well-known pet photographer on social media) that I finally had the courage to start something new for myself combining two of my passions: photography and animals.

So, here are some photos of my work called “Demystification of Voluntary Work”. Hope it inspires you to help and to respect, even more, this amazing job.

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What does it take to be volunteer at a rescued animal center? (the word written is “Welcome”)


Hard work

Adaptation to any situation



Is to value all kinds of work

And having the ability to multiple yourself

Is having a strong heart for those battles we can’t win

But always getting into battle believing we will win!

And above all of this


And a little dance too!

Are you up for it?