Here’s a collection of new images from me, the Stock Photobomber. After the first round of Stock Photobombs earlier this year, I had a lot of ideas for new photobombs, which sometimes happens when I’m working on a project. Certain concepts will push the bigger theme of the project and spark brand new ones.

Once I had a large group of images that’s when I thought of creating a Stock Photobomb Book. I’m excited about having object that has all the photobombs I’ve ever done. It’s going to take a lot of work though as I estimate that I’m going to need to make 60-70 new images. First thing though is I have to get the project funded, which is why I launched my kickstarter campaign. Hopefully people will back the campaign and I can earn my goal so I can finish making the book. You can see my previous works here.

More info: Facebook | Tumblr| Kickstarter

Stressed housewife

Husband pooping in stew

Young people dancing

Man applying deodorant to partygoers

Elderly woman getting in car accident

Mother freaking out over son’s recorder playing

Angry boss waiting for worker at desk

Co-workers making turkeys

Married couple in limo

Ex-boyfriend having trouble letting go

Snowman in field

Drunk having sexual relations with a snowman

Friends camping

Homicidal maniac preparing to dismember campers

Man gets super exited about shaving